5 Pics of the Florida Woman Who Duct Taped Her Dog’s Mouth Shut

Florida woman Katie Brown posted a picture of her dog with duct tape wrapped around […]

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Star Wars GTAV Mod

We need more of this.

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Girl Does Weird Stuff With Her Butt and I Watched it All.

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Church going grandma is about that life. Wait until you get thirty seconds in.

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I have no idea why I watched this hot Norwegian girl braid her hair for 5 minutes

That’s it. I’m moving to Norway tomorrow. The internet has found the most beautiful girl on […]

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New site tells you exactly how long you need to binge watch any show.

Ever wonder what to do when you have three days off in a row? This […]

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Vintage Photos of Martha Stewart and 7 Other Old School Hotties

Martha Stewart was certainly a neck-breaker when she was a young thing. Here are a few […]

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Even Goku needs some extra motivation sometimes

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Why Do Diet Sodas Float?

Ever notice your diet sodas floating to the top of your cooler when the full […]

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Guy Tallies How Many Licks It Takes to Get to the Center of a Tootie Pop

Guy takes the time to tally each lick until he gets to the center. Heroes […]

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