Bloopers from Season 8 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

All I want to do is get drunk and joke around with these guys.

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6 Pics of the Icelandic Rapper Who Beat Up Bam Margera

It wasn’t just Icelandic rapper “Icelandic Glacier” that put a beating on Bam Margera over […]

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How to Build a Primitive Hut from Scratch (video)

I never thought I would watch an 11 minute video from start to finish but fuck […]

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Squirrel Jumps From 30 Feet at Phillies Game

Not sure what this little dude was thinking but he balls of steel for sure. Sometimes you […]

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Girl Shot in the Ass with Gummy Bears

Who wouldn’t want to take a shot in the ass with some gummy bears?

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Fake PBS TV Posters

Fake TV Posters from PBS

Here are some more fake posters for PBS shows.

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Shop Owner Slaps Down Shoplifter

The slap game is strong with this shop keeper.

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Teddy Roosevelt as a Teenager

“Speak softly and carry a big stick.” . This is Teddy at 19 and was […]

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Michael Strahan Reads Mean Tweet

Here are some other celebrities reading mean tweets.

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Britian’s Got Tallent Goes Slaptick

Will Vladimir brings slapstick comedy back in his Britian’s got talent performance.

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